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Infiniti Announces Improved Steering And Suspension Technologies

(Credit: Infiniti )

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Infiniti Announces Improved Steering And Suspension Technologies

Infiniti DDS info

Infiniti DDS info (Credit: Infiniti )

Not that the average person has noticed, but Infiniti has been pushing steering technology pretty far. Its latest version of DAS or Direct Adaptive Steering, a steer-by-wire setup, just debuted. After many reviewers complained about a lack of steering feel, drivers now feel more resistance as speed and lateral Gs pick up.

According to Infiniti, the lack of “kickbacks and forced movements” you get from uneven portions of roads in a traditional car is a huge selling point for DAS. We’ll see how the final product feels, and if it has any scary recalls.

Infiniti DAS info

Infiniti DAS info (Credit: Infiniti )

Infiniti also revealed DDS or Dynamic Digital Suspension. Sensors monitor for pitch, body roll and suspension bounce rate for better comfort and response. Again, we’ll see how the tech does in the real world, especially when stacked up against competing designs.

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