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Honda To Unveil New Production Civic Type R In Geneva

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda To Unveil New Production Civic Type R In Geneva

2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan

2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan (Credit: Honda)

The wait is almost over as Honda prepares to finally show off the production version of the newest Civic Type R. The big unveiling is set for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Also going on display during the show will be the NSX wearing a set of “H” badges instead of the Acura symbol.

As a way to whet everyone’s appetites for the new Honda Civic Type R, the automaker has released a brief teaser video. While it doesn’t really show anything other than a few tight shots of small components, it does provide audio of the car’s engine revving. Thankfully, the engine note sounds nothing like Civics with coffee can exhausts.

The new Civic Type R actually promises some intriguing performance. A new turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder VTEC engine powers the car. Official output numbers haven’t been revealed, but expect a horsepower figure that’s at least 276. That’s considerable since the car is still a front-wheel drive model. Honda is doing its part to save the manuals by only offering a six-speed stick, foregoing paddle shifters altogether. A Steer Axis system, which is entirely new, comes with the car. Its sole function is to cut down on torque steer. There’s no word on if Mazda will purchase the tech and apply it to the next MazdaSpeed3.

Honda has also previously revealed that the car will come with an interesting +R mode. When activated, the driver can adjust various aspects of the vehicle, like the suspension damping, steering responsiveness, and even the engine torque mapping.

Americans are used to being left out of the party with the Civic Type R, but this time things are different. Honda hasn’t confirmed or denied that the car is coming to North America, but it is based on a Civic platform that’s not present in this market. Some are still holding out hope. Some version of the car’s engine is coming stateside later in 2015, but what vehicle(s) it will be used in remains a mystery.

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