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Honda S660 Isn’t US-Bound, But Other Sporty Models Are Coming

(Credit: Honda)

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Honda S660 Isn’t US-Bound, But Other Sporty Models Are Coming

Honda Civic Type-R

Honda Civic Type-R (Credit: Honda)

Car enthusiasts in the United States have been salivating over the Honda S660 since it broke cover in Japan. Despite their best wishes, it looks like the little sports car will stay in Japan, at least for now, keeping the Honda model lineup here uninspiring.

There is some good news, thanks to a recent report from Automotive News. It seems that Honda might be looking to its roots of churning out cars that can get the blood pumping a little more, like the Integra Type-R, CR-X Si and S2000.

So far, about the only confirmed exciting Honda vehicle that will be sold in the United States is the NSX. Its release keeps getting pushed back, causing some to speculate if the car will really be that good or not. On top of that, some have asserted that it’s almost a pointless halo model, because there’s little else that Honda offers in the way of performance.

Of course, the new Civic Type-R will actually land in America, which will only help breathe some life into the stale brand. It boasts 300 horsepower and bravado to match the Integra Type-R.

In the past, people have speculated that a “baby NSX” is coming as well. It turns out that the car that started the rumors is supposedly nothing more than a design study. Of course, the Dodge Barracuda was supposedly only a design study just a few years ago, so that really doesn’t mean much of anything.

Honda would make a lot of people happy if it would just whip out a successor to the S2000. It could be a fairly affordable roadster that handles sharply and has a rev-happy four-cylinder engine, maybe with a turbo. Turning the CR-Z into a fire-breathing monster that hearkens more to the CR-X Si from back in the day would be another smart move. If Honda wants to lose its unfortunate reputation for being boring, it should do something more than brag about how many CR-Vs it can push.

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