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GM Winning Truck Transaction Price War

(Credit: GMC)

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GM Winning Truck Transaction Price War

While Fiat Chrysler is bragging that the Ram 1500 has knocked off the Chevy Silverado 1500 for the number two spot in U.S. truck sales, GM apparently has the last laugh. The automaker was able to win where it really counts: transaction prices.

For sure, GM was bent out of shape when Ram grabbed that second-best spot for Q1 this year. The average person would conclude that GM is now making less off its trucks than before, simply because it’s selling fewer. These higher transaction prices seem to be making up for the lost volume.

Without saying much, GM increased the transaction price for the Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500. For the GMC, the average transaction price has jumped $4,300 since a year ago, while the Chevy increased by $3,000.

This makes the Sierra the leader in full-size pickup trucks for average transaction price, coming in at $48,500. The real question is if GM can keep this trend up, or will it need to push for a surge in sales volume again? After all, it’s not exactly Porsche, the automotive market king for pumping up transaction prices on just about every vehicle.

Source: Automotive News

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