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Get Ready For More Exciting Honda Vehicles

(Credit: Honda)

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Get Ready For More Exciting Honda Vehicles

Acura NSX

Acura NSX (Credit: Honda)

Honda has a new CEO and he’s already shaking things up. Automotive News is reporting that Takahiro Hachigo has recognized the same thing just about every enthusiast on the globe has noticed: Honda has become pretty boring. Most models have been tamed, while exciting options such as the S2000 have all died off.

Hachigo says the trend will be reversed starting now. During his first press conference as CEO, he also declared that his ultimate goal is to “create a new Honda.” That’s some big talk, but it sounds like he’s willing to do what it takes to get the company out of its slump.

This news means that there’s an even stronger chance that we’ll see a new roadster from Honda, which has been rumored to be in development. The “baby” NSX project could also become more than just a rumor as well. There could be other hot cars, or hot versions of current models (like the new Civic Type R) that would spice things up as well.

It’s also no secret that Honda has been suffering from quality issues. The hope is that Hachigo can return Honda to the days when the brand delivered solid-performing cars that were actually fun to drive. It needs more CR-X and less CR-Z.

Another big change that Hachigo is looking to explore is collaborating with other automakers to develop new vehicles and technologies. Such ventures, such as when Subaru and Toyota worked together to create the BRZ/FR-S, are becoming increasingly common. To stay relevant in the changing market landscape, Honda needs to follow suit.

Hachigo has worked as a product-development engineer and has experience in different regions of the world. That hopefully means he knows what consumers really want and can move the needle in key growth regions.

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