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Ford Makes One Big Airbag

(Credit: © Ford)

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Ford Makes One Big Airbag

Ford Transit Airbag

Ford Transit Airbag (Credit: © Ford)

You know, Ford has been a real innovator for the past few years. That position of being a frontrunner in ridiculous automotive technology was established once more by the Blue Oval when it recently and proudly announced that it created the only side curtain airbag that covers all five rows of its new passenger van.

From the press release issued by the automaker, it’s obvious Ford is incredibly excited about the airbag technology. The bags are huge, measuring about 3 feet tall and almost 15 feet long. Humongous inflators are mounted in the van to actuate the bags within milliseconds of a side impact or rollover. It’s really pretty impressive.

The one question that begs to be asked is why? Could Ford have not just installed four different side curtain airbags and foregone the expense of designing such a monstrosity? Surely that would have worked and at the same time would have saved some money. Instead, the huge side curtain bags really smack of Ford trying to compensate for something, like a little guy in a big, jacked-up truck.

Ford at least isn’t alone in its quest to prove that size really is everything. TRW Automotive, which is a huge supplier of airbags and other components to automakers around the world, had a hand in the ridiculous design.

The technology will undoubtedly be popular with large organizations like universities, hotels, and polygamous compounds in southern Utah. To be able to say that your side curtain airbags are bigger than everyone else’s, you must purchase the longest and tallest version of the new Transit wagon, which can haul up to 15 people and a lot of gear.

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