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Ford Goes High Fashion for 2015 Mustang

(Credit: © Ford)

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Ford Goes High Fashion for 2015 Mustang

Ford Reveals Fashion Collaboration

Ford Reveals Fashion Collaboration (Credit: © Ford)

For decades now, the feud between the Mustang fans and Camaro enthusiasts has been raging. With a new announcement from Ford about the 2015 Mustang, the Camaro camp has yet another reason to claim that the rival pony car is a “girl” vehicle. That’s because the Blue Oval has teamed up with several high fashion icons to produce a new line of shirts that celebrate the Mustang. Everyone knows what a huge cultural influence the Mustang has been. Ford loves to list off all the television shows, movies, and commercials its pony car has appeared in. Apparently, as a cultural icon, the Mustang must be celebrated with shirts that are so zany the average person would have trouble associating them with the car, or with anything particularly automotive. One of the shirts features a honeycomb pattern with cubes laid over one portion.

Another features what appears to be rather abstract tire marks like someone ripped through with their ‘Stang all over the shirt. A third has the word “Mustang” with “Love” written over the beginning. Has the ford marketing gurus lost their heads? Maybe, but it’s important to remember that they also licensed some Mustang-themed nail polish not too long ago. So women really like Mustangs, is that something to be ashamed of? For some guys, the answer is “yes.” While some of the designs from the shirt line are baffling, others are at least okay, and some might even be at least a little cool. Sort of. It seems unlikely that most motorheads will really take to the shirt collection. That likely doesn’t matter in the end. The important part is whether or not they will champion the next generation of the car, especially with the new EcoBoost engine that marks the return of turbocharging to the Mustang after such a long hiatus. So don’t go to a Mustang owners gathering and expect to see everyone wearing these high fashion shirts, but you might see someone wearing one at the mall.

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