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Ferrari Will Make All Maserati Engines

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Ferrari Will Make All Maserati Engines

Fiat Chrysler has created a master plan for the Maserati brand, called Maserati Blue, and it has some interesting details. Chief among them is the fact that all future engines will be made by Ferrari. It’s an interesting, exciting move for a brand that’s kind of sunk into the background too much lately.

FCA explicitly stated that Ferrari will make every kind of future powertrain for the Maserati brand. That includes not only traditional internal combustion engines, but also plug-in hybrids and fully-electric configurations. If you don’t remember, Ferrari knows how to make hybrids that are nothing like the Prius, so this is a good thing.

This move will also ensure that Maserati retains its Italian flavor. Mopar fans were wringing their hands about favorite brands become Italianized when Fiat bought Chrysler, meanwhile Italians feared the Americanization of their beloved cars.

Some key details weren’t disclosed by FCA. One of the biggest is if future Maseratis will use a V-8, even if only a precious few. We all know what that likely means, and that’s sad.

At least we know Maserati isn’t being hung out to dry, and they’ll keep sounding awesome (well, maybe not the all-electric ones).

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