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Chrysler Group Changes Name to FCA US

(Credit: Chrysler)

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Chrysler Group Changes Name to FCA US

Chrysler Pentastar

Chrysler Pentastar (Credit: Chrysler)

The Chrysler Group has officially changed its name and will be known going forward as FCA US. The new moniker isn’t exactly catchy but likely will raise the ire of big MOPAR fans who view Italian management with great suspicion.

Even though the name has changed, for now everything else is staying the same. No brands are being spun off or torpedoed, which certainly isn’t the case with the Fiat Group in Italy. The company is staying in Auburn Hills, Michigan and the management team has remained intact.

The good news is that the Chrysler name is still around, thanks to vehicles like the 200, 300 and Town & Country. Things could easily be worse, considering that Chrysler was on the ropes and about to succumb to bankruptcy during the Great Recession, going the way of so many other automakers during that fateful time.

At the same time, the Fiat Group has also changed its name and will be known as FCA Italy. It, too, will remain at the same base of operations. The change in naming conventions mirrors what Ford and GM have done throughout the world, with each regional division having a similar name as the head of the global corporation. Some are saying it’s like when a professional gets married and chooses to change her name, even though it might lead to confusion later. That’s probably not the best example.

This means the Pentastar logo is going to be used with less frequency and the new, modern FCA logo is going up all over the place. It’s the end of an era, but the average car shopper and FCA vehicle owner will never really notice anything.

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