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Chevy Teases the Volt’s New Front End and Talks Easier Charging

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Chevy Teases the Volt’s New Front End and Talks Easier Charging

2016 Chevy Volt

2016 Chevy Volt

We’re getting closer to the January reveal of the 2016 Chevy Volt, and GM is in full-teasing mode, which means we will either see huge improvements or the automaker will way oversell the range-extended EV and disappoint us all. Despite the outcome in January, one thing is for sure: the front end of the new Volt looks significantly better than the current model. This comes by way of a sneak peak that GM offered of the new Volt’s front fascia.

In this little preview, we see a more current design language instead of the trying-too-hard-too-look-futuristic design of the current Volt. This new fascia has more angles and hard lines to make it look a little sportier. According to GM’s earlier claim that this model will be 20-percent faster to 60 mph in EV mode, this sportier front end may be met by matching performance.

On top of revealing the revised front end of the 2016 Volt, GM also talked about how the new Volt’s charging system is more streamlined than the current model. The first enhancement is GPS location-based charging, which senses when you are charging at the “home” charging port and automatically adjusts the setting to match the type of charging you do at home. Be it 8 amps, 12 amps or 12 volts, it will automatically activate these settings, so you can just plug it in and be done. You can also set up the charging to be delayed using this system, which can help you save money by charging during “off-peak” hours when plugged into its “home” charging port.

2016 Chevy Volt

2016 Chevy Volt

The 2016 Volt will also do a better job of notifying its driver of the charging status. A series of tones will alert the driver if the Volt is charging or if it is on a delayed charge. This system will also alert you via tones if you accidentally leave the charging port open after unplugging the power cord. Additionally, there will be a series of flashing lights on the instrument panel that will reflect on the windshield to let the driver know the charging status of the car, plus an available illuminated charging port (pictured) will make plugging in at night easier.

The final announcement is a new, portable, 120-volt power cord. This 25-foot-long cord will make plugging in anywhere significantly easier and will require fewer extension cords. Additionally, this cord can be neatly stored in a bin on the left side of the cargo area and is held in place during charging by a small padlock.

Sure, these are all minor updates for the 2016 Volt, but it’s small updates like these that let us know that GM is really paying attention to the comments and complaints of current Volt owners.

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