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Buy These 8 Cars That Have Passed the Test of Time

(Credit: © Honda)

Car Buying Advice

Buy These 8 Cars That Have Passed the Test of Time

2014 BMW 518d Sedan

2014 BMW 518d Sedan (Credit: © BMW)

7. BMW 5 Series

The 5 Series is arguably the best sport sedan produced in the last thirty years, which is why it is often the bar automotive professionals measure other vehicles against. Unparalleled handling is the hallmark of the 5 Series, which also boasts smooth powertrains that propel the car forward with a powerful grace. Lately the car has also become rather fuel efficient, thanks to some clever us of technologies like turbocharging. Of course BMW loads in plenty of luxury and some of the latest technologies that make either driving or riding in the 5 Series a highly enjoyable experience. When it comes to the highly potent M5, the performance abilities of the car are almost off the chart, satisfying just about anyone’s need for speed.

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