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Buy These 8 Cars That Have Passed the Test of Time

(Credit: © Honda)

Car Buying Advice

Buy These 8 Cars That Have Passed the Test of Time

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser

2013 Toyota Land Cruiser (Credit: © Toyota)

5. Toyota Land Cruiser

The Land Cruiser is the oldest nameplate in the Toyota vehicle lineup, proving the model certainly has endured through the ages, thriving instead of merely surviving in the market. The legend started in 1955 with the successor to the popular Toyota Jeep BJ. Since then the Land Cruiser has gained a tremendous reputation as a truck that can go just about anywhere, take a tremendous beating, yet still keep running like the day it came off the dealer lot. Part of the secret of the Land Cruiser’s success is the many versions of the vehicle that Toyota has created throughout the years for different markets across the world. The result is in the United States we have a highly capable, powerful and incredibly luxurious sport utility vehicle that comes loaded with an impressive list of standard features. The Land Cruiser is an SUV that can run with Jeeps, yet make you feel like you’re riding in a BMW.

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