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BMW Will Finally Include Android Auto

(Credit: BMW)

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BMW Will Finally Include Android Auto

Someone needs to check the temperature of hell, because it might be a little chilly. BMW will offer Android Auto in the middle of next year. It’s like the Germans just realized not everyone uses Apple devices, which is a little bizarre.

This news comes not too long after reports that BMW was going to start charging and annual fee for access to Apple CarPlay in its vehicles, then suddenly reversed course. While neither Android Auto nor Apple CarPlay are perfect, they make using your phone to play music, answer calls, and so forth far easier in the car.

BMW drivers might need to read up on the details of what Android Auto has to offer, because if they don’t drive any other modern vehicles ever, they might not know. As a high-level overview, it basically allows access to certain phone apps through the infotainment screen, and if you have a heads-up display some phone information will show up there as well.

We’ll get to see Android Auto in a BMW next month at the Consumer Electronics Show, then it will go live in vehicles starting in July 2020.

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