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BMW Unveils Fast Charging Station for the i3

(Credit: © BMW)

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BMW Unveils Fast Charging Station for the i3

BMW ChargeNow Station

BMW ChargeNow Station (Credit: © BMW)

Good news if you are one of the few who currently own a BMW i3: the German automaker has created a new line of DC fast vehicle chargers that make “refueling” the vehicle a much more convenient proposition. The new chargers were developed with some help of Bosch. They are somewhat similar to the Tesla Superchargers, considering that they allow an owner to replenish 80 percent of the car’s battery in a matter of 30 minutes.

The DC chargers are actually pretty small, weighing only 100 pounds and measuring 19 inches wide, 31 inches tall and 12 inches deep. According to BMW, it’s the first DC fast charger that can be mounted to a wall, meaning it can be placed in areas where space is at a premium. The price of $6,548 is also smaller than that of other DC fast chargers, although only authorized BMW partners qualify.

There is good news for people who have a plug-in vehicle that isn’t a BMW. The company has committed to use a standard setup, along with GM, Chrysler, Volkswagen Audi, Ford, Porsche and Daimler, which means at least those makes will be cross-compatible with the DC fast charger. In fact, the SAE Combo 1 connector is compatible with the Chevrolet Spark EV and several new models that will be released in the new future. The stations will accept ChargeNow and ChargePoint cards.

As an added bonus, drivers who live in California will enjoy free charging through 2015, thanks to the NRG eVgo Freedom Station sites.

This latest development shows that BMW is taking electric powertrains seriously enough to make a big investment in the technology. The German automaker also met with executives from Tesla Motors, with rumors that the two companies are working together on an increasing number of projects.

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