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Aging Model S Is Tesla’s Glaring Problem

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Aging Model S Is Tesla’s Glaring Problem

Tesla’s all about mixing up the automotive industry. But the fact is it could learn a lesson from the old dogs. Namely, that it needs to always be working on creating new versions of its hardware. Translation: the Model S is too outdated. Even with a refresh not too long ago, the luxury sedan is getting long in the tooth.

The fact of the matter is Tesla’s hands are full with getting Model 3 production underway. Thanks to a leaked document that’s all over the internet, we know Tesla is positioning the new car as a stripped-down and smaller Model S. Nobody will be fooled by this marketing trick.

Back in 2012, the Model S debuted. Thanks to over-the-air updates, the software has remained fresh. The car itself would be getting a new generation in the next one to three years, if it were made by your average automaker. I know, Tesla’s anything but average. I get it. But if it wants to hang with the big boys, it needs to keep multiple plates spinning at once.

Tesla is working on a new semi-truck, plus a pickup and the much-rumored Model Y. It needs to be whipping up a new Model S. Competition from Porsche, Lucid, Jaguar, Karma, and more will make the Model S seem not quite as special and different. Tesla needs to do something, and the time to start is last year.

Having an outdated flagship sedan is never a good thing for a brand.

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