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2014 Concept Vehicles That Should Be Put Into Production

(Credit: © Kia)

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2014 Concept Vehicles That Should Be Put Into Production

Every year, concept vehicles are publicized by automakers as a way to showcase their abilities and technologies. Sometimes the concepts are just design studies or experiments and in no way will ever be put into production. There are those times when car companies lose their minds and let the mad scientists loose in the board room, deciding to build some pretty incredible cars that usually would not see the light of day.

The following are the best concept cars so far this year. Surely there will be more incredible concept cars that will be released later in 2014, but for now these are the best of the year. As of the writing of this articles none of these vehicles have not been announced as going into production, but here’s to hoping that changes in the near future!

Kia GT4 Stinger

Kia GT4 Stinger (Credit: © Kia)

1. Kia GT4 Stinger

Kia is certainly coming into its own these days, both with increasingly compelling production models and concepts like the GT4 Stinger. Apparently before this concept was released, sports cars were strictly off-limits for concept vehicles. Why did the top brass in South Korea have a change of heart? Perhaps they were looking at the success Toyota and Subaru have been experiencing with the FR-S and BRZ, or it has to do with a desire to draw in a youthful, performance-loving customer base. As long as the GT4 Stinger is built, who really cares? The race-bred 2.0-liter engine pushes out an amazing 315 horsepower, thanks to force-feeding from turbocharging. Kia engineers say taking the output to 400 horsepower could be done with minimal effort.

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