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With Model 3 Approaching, Telsa is Upping the Model S’ Base Price (Sort Of)

Tesla Model 3
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With Model 3 Approaching, Telsa is Upping the Model S’ Base Price (Sort Of)

With the Model 3 on the way, Tesla is about to shift around the Model S lineup to better position its larger sedan as a more premium option.

Its plan to accomplish this task? Drop the base model. Yup, once again, Tesla is cutting the base Model S, according to Electrek. This time, the affected model will be the 75-kWh one with rear-wheel drive. The reason for eliminating this model? According to the report, it’s to place a wider gap between the upcoming $35,000 Model 3 and the $69,500 Model S 75.

Apparently, the 75D, which is the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive 75-kWh model, will remain in the lineup. Given there are no other changes, this would boost the Model S’ base price to $74,500 and make the entire lineup all-wheel drive.

The report goes on to claim that Tesla salespeople are calling prospective customers and letting them know that the 75-kWh model will be gone by the end of the year. On top of getting the cheaper option, buying a Model S this year is beneficial because if you buy it through the referral program, you’ll get unlimited Supercharger access — the Supercharger is moving to a pay-per-use feature.

Unfortunately, there is no D-Day set for the Model S 75, so all I can say is get one now before they sell out.

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