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Will Any Detroit Automakers Use Tesla Technology?

(Credit: © Tesla Motors)

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Will Any Detroit Automakers Use Tesla Technology?

Tesla Charging Station

Tesla Charging Station (Credit: © Tesla Motors)

It was just in June that Tesla motors announced that it had opened up all of its patents to other automakers, allowing its competitors to start moving forward with producing electric cars en masse. The move was unexpected, considering that most automakers guard their patents with all of their might. One might expect that the Big Three, and other automakers based around the world, would have started at least looking into developing their very own Model S fighters, or maybe even a compact electric car that would appeal to commuters. Instead, as the Detroit News has reported lately, Ford, General Motors and Chrysler seem rather unenthused about the prospect of creating a new model using Tesla’s patents. Apparently, they feel that consumers don’t want zero emissions vehicles that can be charged in half an hour’s time. Why are the Big Three turning their noses up at Tesla’s generous offer? Some automotive industry analysts think it has to do with the technology itself, which is too expensive to be practical, is just plain outdated, or does not work with what other automakers have been developing themselves for years. Considering that some automakers have been developing electric powertrain technology for no time, and they have watched Tesla rumble onto the scene and do what others said was impossible, pride is likely another reason why the Big Three aren’t snatching up the Tesla patents. Considering what a smashing success the Cadillac ELR has been, such pride perhaps needs to be swallowed. This resistance to Tesla’s goodwill could be bad news for the big American automakers. BMW has cozied up with Tesla in a big way recently. The Bavarians have also expressed a definite interest in the Tesla patents.

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