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Volkswagen Tarok Cures the Big Truck Blues

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Volkswagen Tarok Cures the Big Truck Blues

There’s no denying it: trucks are big business in the auto industry. Speaking of big, for some people the popular full-size pickups are too large and too expensive. Even some midsize options are still too pricey, as certain shoppers pine for vehicles like the old Ford Ranger or Toyota Pickup. Volkswagen has the answer with the Tarok concept.

The German truck is a compact unibody, so don’t expect to be hauling landscaping pavers or steel beams in the bed. As Honda has already proven, not everyone needs or wants that kind of capability. It’s rumored other automakers like Ford are exploring this long-dead market segment.

Volkswagen Tarok concept truck (Credit: Volkswagen )

Volkswagen used the MQB platform for the Tarok. It’s 193.5 inches long, but the bed extends into the cab kind of like the Chevy Avalanche, allowing for items up to 73.2 inches long. Between the wheel arches, the bed is 42.9 inches wide, which is pretty good for a compact truck. The payload can handle a maximum 2,271 pounds.

With a 117.7-inch wheelbase, this probably won’t work as your weekend off-roader, despite short overhangs at both ends. The width is 72 inches and the height is 66 inches. What that means is a pickup you can park easily and fit in most garages.

Not everyone will love the Volkswagen Tarok, especially considering the turbocharged 1.4-liter engine with 147 horsepower and the use of all-wheel drive. If it gets put into production, this would be a different truck for people who think differently.

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