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Volkswagen Readying New Model Onslaught

(Credit: Volkswagen )

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Volkswagen Readying New Model Onslaught

If you haven’t noticed, Volkswagen is in the middle of a big transformation. The German automaker has been flashing all kinds of crazy concepts, launching a number of new SUVs, and generally staying busy throughout 2019. This year will bring even more changes as VW prepares to launch a staggering 34 new models.

Granted, a good number of those vehicles won’t reach North America, but enough will to make some waves. This push is all about lowering emissions and remaking Volkswagen’s image after Dieselgate. You may think it’s a bit of an overreach, but the Germans are committed and aren’t backing down one bit.

One of the most anticipated launches here is the VW ID.4, an all-electric crossover that has been teased in psychedelic camo wrap. It will launch in late 2020.

Will Volkswagen’s push toward electrification pay off, or will this be a worse setback than the Dieselgate fallout? Everyone seems to have an opinion one way or another, but a lot of that hinges on how warm car shoppers are to switching from internal combustion engines to all-electric powertrains.

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