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Video: Overview of the Impressive Tesla Model S P85

(Credit: Youtube)

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Video: Overview of the Impressive Tesla Model S P85

We have started seeing many more Tesla vehicles driving around locally, specifically the Tesla S. It is no surprise that people have really started to notice and buy these impressive all-electric sports cars. Increasing curiosity is being driven by their recent news of booming sales and cross country tour which showed off their growing network of charging station. Their network of chargers allowed their team drive from Los Angeles to New York, granted it was using a specific route but this is just the beginning for the young company.

For those of you still in the dark about Tesla and their cars, here is a very solid walk-through of the Tesla S P85 (their highest performance model at the moment.) We will continue covering their vehicles and company news on our site.

As you can see, they not only have an amazing design but are also well equipped and very practical. As Tesla Motors continues to grow their network of charging stations around the country I think interest will only continue to grow. Obviously for those of you sticking around town, these are already an amazing option for an eco-friendly yet insanely quick sports car. Keep your eye out, you will probably already notice them around you on your local roads!

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