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Video: 2014 Lexus RC-F Review after the Detroit Auto Show

(Credit: Youtube)

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Video: 2014 Lexus RC-F Review after the Detroit Auto Show

Lexus has brought a new car into the market to compete with vehicles like the Mercedes C63 AMG, the BMW M4, and the Cadillac CTS-V. Meet the 2014 Lexus RC-F, what appears to be the ultimate Japanese-built muscle car. Lexus just revealed their sleek two door model at the Detroit Auto Show last week and boy did this thing get some attention. Here is a video breakdown of the vehicles specs and features.

I’m sure you will agree, everything from quad tailpipes, the aggressive grill, and the 450+ horsepower are going to make this thing a strong contender in the market. Unfortunately, it sounds like it won’t be arriving at local dealerships until December 2014. If you’re planning on pulling the trigger and buying a similar vehicle this year, you might want to wait it out for at least a test drive of this thing!

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