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The Oatmeal Provides Unconventional Review of the Tesla Model S

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The Oatmeal Provides Unconventional Review of the Tesla Model S

TheOatmeal-Tesla-SMatthew Inman, the creative might behind the crappy drawings and snarky jokes that make up The Oatmeal, recently used his site to provide a less-then-conventional review of the Model S. Apparently Inman is a proud owner of the fully-electric car, and so with that perspective has provided his (admittedly quite biased) review of the Tesla Model S.

Instead of giving a straight-up review such as you would find from Car and Driver, Inman just tells everyone what he thinks of the car he likes to call “an Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder.” He admits to loving his car for many reasons, such as the fact that he hasn’t set foot in a gas station for months on end, a move which has undoubtedly saved him from consuming many frozen treats, donuts, meats loaded with disgusting amounts of MSG. He also tells how having 100 percent torque at 0 rpm feels “like being shot out of a gun,” without using the same technical language.

Naturally, Inman’s review of the Tesla Model S lacks the automotive savvy “car guys” expect in any kind of car review. The creative genius admits to having bad experiences when it came to working on cars, thanks to a gruff father-in-law who loved to tinker with/repair cars regularly. He then gloats that such “car guys” typically know nothing about how the Model S runs since it lacks the machinery found in an internal combustion engine, putting him as a technology geek at a distinct advantage. He marvels at features such as the door handles that pop out and illuminate as you approach the car.

As is the case with all of his The Oatmeal cartoons, Inman uses some colorful language. He also theorizes that the Model S was the product of a Ferrari getting together with a luck dragon (think The Never Ending Story).

Not everyone is a fan of Inman’s insights about what it’s like to own the Model S (Click here to view). Then again, not everyone is a fan of the Model S and its technology, so that’s not really a surprise.

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