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The NSX Received Over 100 Preorders in the UK

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The NSX Received Over 100 Preorders in the UK

Acura NSX Concept for 2015

Acura NSX Concept for 2015

The Honda NSX — known as the Acura NSX here in the States — is still a relative mystery, as Honda has rolled out plenty of concepts, but we still have yet to see an official production version. Additionally, we have yet to receive any confirmation on pricing or powertrain specifications. Do you think that would stop buyers from throwing down a hefty sum of money just to hold their place in line for the Japanese sports car?

Well, apparently not because Honda opened up its preorder books before the production car even debuted, and buyers flocked to dealers to toss £5,000 ($7,800) in the general direction of a sales person in order to get a spot in line. In fact, over 100 preorders have been made, forcing Honda to close the order books. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the NSX is sold out in the UK; it simply means that it has filled its preorder quota and Honda is likely protecting the remaining allotment for the open market following the official debut.

I find it odd that so many buyers are will to toss money at the NSX without even knowing all of the details on it. In the latest concept version, the NSX had a 3.5-liter V-6 mounted behind its seats that mated to the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system. Estimates placed the concept NSX’s total output in the 400-horsepower range, but Honda hasn’t officially said anything about it. Also unknown to this date is the price, which only makes the fact that over 100 people in the UK were willing to plunk down £5,000 to preorder one even odder.

Despite the oddness, it is a near certainty that the NSX will be an insane piece of machinery that its owners will likely love for many years. I just can’t wait to see the final production model.

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