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Subaru Will Actually Sell The BRZ STI

(Credit: Subaru)

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Subaru Will Actually Sell The BRZ STI

Subaru STI Performance Concept

Subaru STI Performance Concept (Credit: Subaru)

When the “Toyotbaru” twins (i.e. the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ) first launched, everyone immediately thought there was no way that a forced-induction version wouldn’t be introduced in the near future. Here we are, years later, and both cars remain horsepower weaklings. Thanks to Subaru, things are going to change.

According a report from Automotive News, Subaru of America’s Director of Corporate Communications Michael McHale let the cat out of the bag when he confirmed that the production BRZ STI will be launched in “a couple of years.”

This information was leaked not that long ago, but it follows wild rumors that have been flying around the industry lately. Subaru, of course, hasn’t officially confirmed that it’s making a production STI version of the BRZ coupe, so remember that fact.

What adds strength to McHale’s comment is the fact that Subaru showed off its STI Performance Concept car during the recent New York International Auto Show, as we reported. It must have gotten enough positive feedback from the public, thanks in part to the car’s turbocharged 2.0-liter flat four engine that reportedly pushes out over 300 horsepower.

The latest development could help cure the slump in sales that the BRZ has been experiencing. Scion has also seen interest in the FR-S lag as auto industry experts say that everyone who can afford either model has pretty much already purchased it. There are plenty of others who would be interested in the rear-wheel-drive coupe if it had more power, which has been one of the top criticisms from performance enthusiasts. After all, the Subaru BRZ has everything else going for it, including great looks and incredible handling, it just lacks cojones.

Other Japanese car brands have recently announced some high-performance models will be launching in the United States, namely Honda’s new Civic Type R. There’s little doubt that such developments have helped fuel Subaru’s willingness to throw a snail shell under the BRZ’s hood and let the public have some tire-shredding fun. It’s also worth noting that the company’s profit margins are higher on its STI models, which helps justify the undertaking.

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