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Nissan Officially Working on New Z Car

(Credit: Nissan )

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Nissan Officially Working on New Z Car

After years of speculation, hopes, and prayers, we finally have official confirmation that Nissan is working on a new Z. And no, it won’t be a freaking crossover.

Australian automotive site WhichCar got the straight talk from Alfonso Albaisa, the head of Nissan’s design team. Albaisa spilled the beans that a new Z car is already in the works, remarking the project was a “huge pressure.”

Considering the 50th anniversary of the first 240Z is coming up in October 2019, the timing probably isn’t a coincidence. Expect a concept, or maybe even a prototype of the next Z to be revealed about that time.

Thankfully, Albaisa seems to get the appeal of the Z pedigree. He remarked on how the 240Z opened up the sports car to the masses. In the interview, he also noted that many previous Z cars have exemplified simplicity in their design. That hopefully means nothing too zany or like the 370Z. Yes, I said it. Please keep the boomerang lights off the next Z, please. And no “floating” roof.

If Albaisa nails this, he’ll go down in history as the amazing car designer he’s been proving himself to be. If he screws it up, infamy awaits. Huge pressure? Definitely.

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