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Lamborghini Won’t Save The Manuals

(Credit: Lamborghini )

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Lamborghini Won’t Save The Manuals

Lamborghini Aventador S – (Credit: Lamborghini )

Don’t look to Lamborghini with help saving the manuals. Motor Authority spoke with Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann at the Detroit Auto Show, and got the word straight from the horse’s mouth: the double-clutch transmission is the future.

That’s right, future Lamborghinis should use double-clutch trannies and nothing else. Sure, they’re faster and more efficient than a human, but where’s the fun in that? According to Winkelmann, only a sliver of Lambo shoppers even want manuals. He said at the most 10 percent of cars sold when he first became CEO came with a manual transmission.

Winkelmann did explain that he doesn’t hate humans, only clutches. More specifically, he said the clutch setup in a manual has reached its performance limits. So the issue isn’t that you shift too slow. It’s more than the high torque output of Lambos means you’d need a huge clutch, which isn’t practical in such a vehicle, or the clutch pedal would require the Hulk to press it down.

Apparently, a fair amount of people whined about the Diablo’s clutch, because it was heavy and thus easy to burn. Winkelmann says more modern Lambos would require about twice the pressure to push down the pedal.

So there you go: Lambo drivers don’t like or need a third pedal. That doesn’t mean nobody likes manuals, just that if you want a manual, don’t go shopping at a Lamborghini dealership.

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