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Kia Teases the New Soul

(Credit: Kia )

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Kia Teases the New Soul

In about a week, Kia will reveal the third-generation Soul. Leading up to that, the Korean automaker has teased us with glimpses of the redesigned crossover. The latest “leak” contains numerous images, and they help confirm the Kia Soul will retain its signature funkiness.

2020 Kia Soul roof closeup (Credit: Kia)

First, the overall shape has that charming, boxy quality to it still. Kia is following the trend of the “floating” roof it appears, and that’s something many would like to see die, not live on. However, in one shot the roof is red, so at least it’s more interesting.

2020 Kia Soul steering wheel (Credit: Kia)

Kia felt it necessary to show a silhouette of the Soul driving on different parts of the crossover. It once again confirms the boxy shape of the body. We also see the steering wheel is somewhat changed, but still pretty much looks like what you’d expect.

2020 Kia Soul door panel (Credit: Kia)

A closeup of a door panel reveals not only a stylized door handle, the recessed portion of the panel has an interesting triangular pattern, giving more depth to the design. That, and that area of the panel is bright yellow, showing that the Soul will continue with its vibrant color play.

2020 Kia Soul infotainment center (Credit: Kia)

Finally, we get to see the infotainment center is positioned near the top of the center stack, which in my opinion is where all should be located. The only thing above it is a pair of air vents. The design looks clean and appropriately funky.

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