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Jaguar Develops a Virtual Windshield

(Credit: © Jaguar / Youtube)

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Jaguar Develops a Virtual Windshield

Jaguar Virtual Windshield

Jaguar Virtual Windshield (Credit: © Jaguar / Youtube)

Jaguar continues to move and shake in an increasingly competitive industry as it finds reasons for consumers to give the automaker a good try. One of these innovations comes in the form of a virtual windshield that makes driving a car more like playing a video game like Forza or Gran Turismo. Instead of just a small heads-up display showing in a small section of the windshield, guides to help the driver would be displayed across the entire windshield. Some are calling the concept “vaporware,” but then quite a few people said the same thing about the Project 7 concept, which is now being turned into a production vehicle.

All three applications pertain to motorsports. In the first, the driver sees guide lines to help keep the car on the track and choose an optimal position, just like in the video games. Those lines also change color from green, to yellow (which indicates the driver needs to coast) and red (which indicates the driver needs to brake). There are, of course, some drivers who would benefit from such technology just when they are driving to the grocery store.

The second application introduces ghost racing. Drivers can project ghost cars on the windshield to help compare their own best laps, plus race against virtual drivers to help them practice and improve their driving skills. This is another feature lifted directly from console racing games.

The final application is a setting that lays out virtual cones for teaching a driver to stay in certain areas of a road or track. In all three modes, the driver sees other information like vehicle speed, gear selection, tachometer, lap time, field position, and the names of other drivers.

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