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Hennessey Is Dialing The Dodge Demon Way Up

(Credit: Dodge)

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Hennessey Is Dialing The Dodge Demon Way Up

For some people, 840 horsepower from the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon just isn’t enough. Hennessey Performance is literally capitalizing on that fact by offering tuning packages for the Demon that push the limit to 1,500 horsepower.

This isn’t the first time Hennessey has offered tons of horsepower. It is the first time the tuner has satisfied the expectations everyone set for a car. Remember, pretty much everybody thought the Demon would push over 1,000 horsepower, before it came to light that Dodge turned to lightweighting and other trickery to make the Demon amazingly fast. Still, it’s not enough, at least for Hennessey.

We’ll see just what kind of performance benefit comes from almost doubling the peak horsepower. Likely, the car will run the quarter mile a few tenths of second quicker, and that’s about it. That’s not the entire point of going so crazy with the Demon, because to own something so powerful is an experience not easily forgotten.

Beyond just power upgrades, Hennessey is making other upgrades for the Demon. Among them is a NHRA-certified drag chute and roll cage. Those should be thrown in with the 1,500 horsepower upgrade, because not having them is borderline suicidal.

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