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Go Further in the Tesla Model S and Model X

(Credit: Tesla )

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Go Further in the Tesla Model S and Model X

Tesla already boasted the longest range for a commercially available electric vehicle, but for good measure it decided to push the envelope even further. The Model S just got a range boost to 370 miles, while the Model X can now go up to 325 miles on a single charge — but there’s a catch.

First, of course you have to buy the Long Range version of each to enjoy this benefit. Second, if you already have one, you won’t be enjoying the additional range. Instead of being a software upgrade, like so many improvements for Teslas, this one is all hardware.

The range boost doesn’t come from a battery upgrade, which is what you might expect, but instead is the result of a more efficient electric motor design. With a permanent magnet reluctance motor for the front wheels, the Model X and Model S almost match the setup on the Model 3. The induction electric motor is still used for the back wheels on the larger Teslas.

This all means the Model S Performance can now go 345 miles on a charge, while the Model X Performance hits 305 miles.

Tesla also announced the new Model S and Model X can charge faster with V2 Superchargers, just like the Model 3. These improvements are necessary as more electric cars enter the market and Tesla must fend off competition.

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