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Ford Plays it Safe with Varied Recall

(Credit: © Ford)

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Ford Plays it Safe with Varied Recall

2013 Ford Fusion

2013 Ford Fusion (Credit: © Ford)

Automakers seem extra anxious about making any and every vehicle recall that is even slightly necessary, and Ford is no exception. The American automaker has issued a recall for 434,000 vehicles. Most people would assume those vehicles all shared a defective rear badge glue or malfunctioning vanity mirror bulb problem, but Ford has stated the recalled vehicles constitute several different, unrelated problems.

The biggest portion of the recall covers 2001 to 2004 Escapes, affecting 385,750 vehicles. Road salt used in areas that receive significant snowfall could cause a problem with the vehicle’s subframe, eventually leading to rust and failure. The solution to the problem is a new cross brace that will be installed to reinforce the subframe. The compact crossovers were sold in Canada, the Midwest, and Northeast. The last Ford recall that involved rusting parts was for the Freestar minivan, which had rear wheel wells that were prone to rusting.

The second problem affects several models made in 2013 and 2014: the Ford Escape, Fusion, C-Max, and Lincoln MKZ. 48,950 vehicles were included in the recall because the seatbacks were not up to the stringent standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). More specifically, the welds in the front seats’ backs were not up to snuff, which could lead to injury for the driver or front passenger during a collision.

Fortunately, Ford’s vigilance has meant that no injuries have been reported because of the defects. If nothing else, consumers can know that automakers are working overtime to avoid a mess like what GM is handling right now.

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