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Ford Mustang Sedan Rumored

Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang Sedan Rumored

There’s talk about the Corvette being spun into its own brand with a performance SUV, so why wouldn’t Ford make a Mustang sedan? That’s the talk in the auto industry and has been for some time, but it might not be such a wild idea.

Ford has pretty much dumped all cars in North America, a move plenty of people have questioned. The Mustang has been the exception, but ceding all sedan sales to the competition doesn’t seem wise. Supposedly what will fix that is a four-door version of the Mustang.

People love Mustangs. The pony car racks up sick sales figures around the world, not to mention here at home. While your initial reaction to the idea is revulsion, it actually makes some sense. And according to Mustang forum, Ford dealers already know about the plan.

The thing is, the forum post about the Mustang Sedan is from last fall. Why haven’t any camouflaged prototypes been spotted yet? Why aren’t there more leaks? After all, the mid-engine C8 Corvette was the worst-kept secret in the industry. It makes these claims seem dubious for sure.

Still, this is the rumor that won’t die. Does that mean Ford will actually run with it? Probably not, but we can all keep on dreaming.

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