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Ford Keeps Jacking Up Raptor Prices

(Credit: Ford )

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Ford Keeps Jacking Up Raptor Prices

Ford needs cash and badly, so it’s milking all the cash cows right now. Thanks to people tripping over themselves to buy the Raptor as some sort of hulking status symbol, the off-road-race-prepped truck is becoming more expensive to buy than ever.

As Autoblog noted, Ford has jacked up the price of the Raptor twice so far in 2018. You don’t get any additional features for the extra money, even though a revised 2019 model is coming. Just don’t be surprised if 2019 model pricing comes with another gouging.

In reality, the price increase for the 2018 Ford Raptor isn’t huge, coming in at $990. That’s a drop in the bucket for a vehicle that costs over $50,000. This is exactly why Ford is concentrating on SUVs and trucks, because shoppers are much less price sensitive in those markets. If they watched their money more closely, they wouldn’t be driving something that gets such horrible fuel economy.

Autoblog also highlighted how Jeep has increased the price of the Wrangler twice for 2018 as well. Plenty of people “need” an off-road-worthy vehicle that’s mall rated, just in case they have to travel on a dirt road once every five years. I’m big on hitting trails, but most people aren’t, and these price increases hurt people who just care about performance, not status.

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