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FCA Merger Rumors Fire Up Again

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FCA Merger Rumors Fire Up Again

Remember back when FCA was trying to hook up with just about every major automaker out there? With CEO Sergio Marchionne about to retire, talks of mergers are firing right back up. At the top of the list are Ford and GM, according to a recent Bloomberg report.

Another possible merger partner would be Volkswagen, because it’s not already big enough. You might as well throw Toyota in there was well, and for good measure let’s talk about Nissan and Renault. Oh, and there are still rumblings Hyundai might be interested.

Are you rolling your eyes yet? FCA used to be struggling financially, but since it stopped having the American brands make cars other than performance models, and instead focus on SUV and trucks, business has been booming. Bloomberg referred to FCA as the “best-performing U.S. automaker.”

This June we’ll learn what the new game plan is. Marchionne supposedly will be handing the torch to one of his many acolytes in FCA, but there’s no guarantee they will stay the current course. In fact, it’s certain the company will change. The current game FCA is playing won’t work in the long run

There’s an outside chance FCA could team up with PSA, which doesn’t have a presence in the United States, but is the second-largest automaker in Europe. And there’s also the possibility of Geely or another Chinese automaker stepping into the picture. We could have an American-Italian-Chinese conglomerate, making things really interesting.

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