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Dodge Penalizes Dealers Who Jack Up Demon Prices

(Credit: Dodge )

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Dodge Penalizes Dealers Who Jack Up Demon Prices

It seems like every time a special performance vehicle comes out, dealers take advantage of shoppers big time. Dodge is aware of this problem, and has a plan to help enthusiasts not get gouged.

To reward dealers that sell the Challenger SRT Demon at or below MSRP, the automaker will send the fire-breathing car to them first. That increases your chances of getting one for $84,995 or less, instead of well into the six digits.

Dealers and customers will have to order the Demon through a special concierge service. Customers have to sign a notarized document about vehicle specs, plus safety items they should know. Included in the document is also the price the dealer is charging for the car, which will determine how soon in the production run it will be made. The higher the price, the longer the dealer and customer will wait.

Dodge is also saying only dealers that have sold a Challenger or Charger Hellcat in the past year can get a Demon. The automaker will also be looking at how many lower trim levels of the Challenger and Charger have been sold by dealers, when figuring out how many Demons to send.

Only 3,000 Demons are heading to the United States, and orders are open now.

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