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Dodge Might Be Killing Off The Viper

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles )

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Dodge Might Be Killing Off The Viper

2013 SRT Viper

2013 SRT Viper (Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles )

Bad news for fans of the Viper, Allpar first reported that there’s a chance the snake will be slain by none other than Dodge. It’s a shocking revelation to many, but the writing has been on the wall for some time.

According to Allpar, the evidence is in a 250-page agreement with the United Auto Workers (UAW) union. Fiat Chrysler was identified by UAW as a prime target for labor negotiations, and negotiations have been going on for the past while. Reportedly, a tentative agreement has been reached, hence the new document.

In the UAW-Fiat Chrysler agreement, one section touches on future plans for the Conner Avenue Assembly plant, which is where the Viper is currently made. In the document, it’s noted that the supercar’s production will end in 2017, with no replacement vehicle named. If true, it’s a sad day for American performance cars.

Dodge has been doing all sorts of exciting things lately, including making the Hellcat twins. Meanwhile, the Viper has been sitting relatively untouched. Some industry experts were already wondering if the end of the line for the supercar was nearing, and this new report only feeds into those theories.

The sad truth is that automakers actually have to make money, and the Viper hasn’t been a big sales generator for Dodge. Fiat Chrysler has done some things to get people interested in the car, including rolling out the 1 of 1 customization program, providing consumers with a level of exclusivity they can’t get with the Corvette. The company also launched the Viper ACR, which is the fastest street-legal version of the car ever made.

Before everyone starts writing eulogies for the Dodge Viper, keep in mind that the UAW agreement isn’t set in stone. Fiat Chrysler could be pushing for Viper production to continue for years to come.

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