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Dodge Is Increasing Hellcat Production

(Credit: Dodge )

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Dodge Is Increasing Hellcat Production

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (Credit: Dodge )

Dodge has experienced some tremendous success, thanks to the new Charger Hellcat and Challenger Hellcat. Americans have a real appetite for ridiculous amounts of power, especially when presented in an affordable muscle car.

The bad news has been that both Hellcat models sold out quickly. A lot of people who wanted to purchase either one were left out in the cold. Some had to settle for a Scat Pack Challenger, which is an incredibly capable vehicle but just simply doesn’t offer the same level of insanity.

Responding to the unexpectedly high demand for the Hellcat twins, Dodge has said that it will substantially increase production. More specifically, the brand said that it will increase production of the Hellcat V-8, which is triggering some interesting speculation. After all, there’s that wild possibility that Dodge will start offering other Hellcat models, such as the Durango. Even better would be a Hellcat-powered Dart, making the car wild beyond belief.

Speculation is also running high that Jeep will create a Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee. Such a creation would far surpass the Grand Cherokee SRT8. The supposed name of the vehicle would be the Grand Cherokee TrackHawk.

While the 2015 model order books have been officially closed, expect to see many more Hellcats for 2016. A total of 4,000 engines were made for 2015, but Dodge isn’t saying just how many more it will be kicking out for 2016.

Thanks to the Hellcat models, Dodge says that as a brand it’s seen a big uptick in sales. The two crushers are literally having a halo effect on the entire brand. So far during 2015, the company says that it’s sold 88,000 muscle cars, which is pretty impressive. Automotive News reports that Dodge essentially has zero Scat Pack models in stock as buyers have settled for the next-best option.

The biggest thing that’s holding up production of the Hellcat V-8 engine, according to Dodge, is time. After making each one, it’s tested using a dynamometer, which takes 42 minutes.

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