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Dodge Demon Teaser Video Shows Off Yet Another Performance Feature

(Credit: © Dodge)

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Dodge Demon Teaser Video Shows Off Yet Another Performance Feature

Dodge has been releasing Challenger SRT Demon teasers on the regular, and with each one comes the reveal of a new feature. This time around, Dodge is revealing something we’ve never seen before on a street-legal production vehicle: TransBrake.

For those who aren’t into the drag-racing game, TransBrake locks the transmission’s output shaft to keep the vehicle stationary without the use of the brakes. This allows the driver to preload the drivetrain with torque, so when it’s time to launch, max torque comes in sooner. Without this system, the only way to preload the torque is using two-foot power braking, which is unreliable and can cause damage.

The Demon’s TransBrake will hold up to 2,350 rpm without the aid of brakes.

This system will allow a 105% increase in launch boost pressure and 120% in engine torque at launch, allowing this coupe to tear off the line.

While the full details are still unavailable, Dodge did describe how the driver uses the TransBrake. When the system is activated (Dodge didn’t mention how to activate it), the driver holds accelerator at the desired rpm, then pulls back on the launch trigger on the paddle shifter to rocket off the line. Just 150 milliseconds after releasing the trigger, full engine torque twists the rear rubber.

In addition to the bad-ass video below, Dodge also released a teaser image, and like the last image, this one has a weird number combination on the license plate. They read “8.3+317=534.” Like before, I have no idea what these number mean, let us now our best guess in the comments.

Stay tuned for updates.

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