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Dodge Dealers Are Auctioning Demons

(Credit: © Dodge)

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Dodge Dealers Are Auctioning Demons

Dodge has been combatting dealers who would pump up Demon prices by threatening constricted supplies of the car for pushing above MSRP. The plan seemed to be working, but dealerships have found a loophole: auctions.

Automotive News says dealers have been turning to eBay and other third parties to get around this restriction. These dealerships aren’t letting the price go above the listed MSRP, technically, but are charging extra for the right to buy the Demon at that price.

Technically, people are paying exorbitant amounts for Dodge Demons. Just the extra money is being paid to the third party, like eBay, and not directly to the dealers. Then the dealers get a cut of that extra cash, and supposedly everyone’s happy.

Some dealers are using auctions to see who gets the privilege of buying a Demon. Supposedly, the money generated rom the auction then goes to a deserving charity. If true, that’s better.

Only 3,000 Demons are heading to the US market. That naturally has made people desperate to get their hands on a vehicle that will almost surely get them into all kinds of trouble. Some think the solution is for Dodge to stop being so stingy and flood the market with more Demons. That could also, in a small way, make up for ending production of the Viper, again.

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