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Dodge Challenger Sales Surpass Chevy Camaro

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Dodge Challenger Sales Surpass Chevy Camaro

The rivalry between the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang is a thing of legend, so sometimes people forget about the Dodge Challenger. Right now GM probably wishes it could, because the Camaro got whooped by the Challenger for first quarter, 13,431 units vs 12,083 units sold. It’s reason for Mopar fans to cheer and maybe jeer a little.

This news comes after the Challenger outsold the Camaro for 2018, 66,716 units sold vs just 50,963. It’s no secret in the auto industry that Chevy dealerships are having trouble moving Camaros. And yes, Ford fans, the Mustang enjoyed quite the comfortable lead for 2018 with 75,842 Mustangs sold.

For 2017, the Camaro was the second best-selling muscle car in America. Thanks to a number of factors — among them poor visibility from the driver’s seat, an update that didn’t look like an update, etc. — the Challenger has now squarely taken over the second-place slot. Until GM does something dramatic with the Camaro, this dynamic will probably continue to play out.

It doesn’t hurt that Dodge released the Hellcat and the Demon, two halo versions of the Challenger that attracted plenty of media attention and fascinated fans of speed. Dodge has also found that its vibrant palette of paint colors has been a contributing factor to the Challenger’s success, and they do admittedly look quite good. Also, the Challenger’s backseat bests the Camaro as well as the Mustang. While muscle cars are about show and go, comfort is still a factor shoppers consider.

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