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Dodge Announces Pricing for Challenger SRT Hellcat

(Credit: © Dodge)

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Dodge Announces Pricing for Challenger SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT (Credit: © Dodge)

Already, Dodge wowed the world by announcing that the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat will be the most powerful production muscle car ever, as well as contain the most powerful V8 engine ever made by Chrysler. Many people have probably already concluded that the car will be way out of their financial reach. While that may be true, the actual price of the new model is more reasonable than expected.

Dodge recently announced that buyers can expect to pay about $60,000 for the 10-second production coupe. That constitutes some seriously cheap power and is a far cry from the base price of the current Viper.

The price makes the muscle coupe just slightly more expensive than the Camaro ZL1 as well as the late Shelby GT500. It is also significantly less money than the price tag on the new Camaro Z/28. Even more important, the Hellcat has superior power and is faster at the quarter mile, making it an incredible deal.

The real question that begs to be answered now is how Dodge plans on dealing with the throngs of automotive enthusiasts who will camp out at dealerships like Apple fanboys waiting for the release of the latest iPhone.

No longer will people talk only about the Corvette being a vehicle that provides incredible bang for buyers’ buck, because the Challenger SRT Hellcat will be providing oodles of performance for a price that is unbelievable. So start saving your pennies now, and let the words of hatred and jealousy rain down from the Mustang and Camaro fans!

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