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Daimler Sells Stake in Tesla, BMW to Purchase More

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

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Daimler Sells Stake in Tesla, BMW to Purchase More

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive (Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

Daimler is no longer an owner of Tesla Motors stock, having sold off its stake in the electric carmaker recently. The German automotive giant bought its shares back in 2009, allowing them to mature to the point that it cashed them out at $780 million. While the company that makes Mercedes Benz and Smart cars made a bundle off the sale, there is more than just money that motivated it.

Not too long ago, the automotive world was abuzz with news that Elon Musk and other Tesla executives were cozying up with BMW. Rumors that the two companies were forming a strong alliance flew around. It’s no secret that the two have worked together before, but Tesla has also had partnerships with Toyota and Mercedes-Benz. The news that is coming out now is that the Bavarians are looking to get even cozier with the California automaker, which is why Daimler sold its four percent stake in the company. At least that’s what Forbes is reporting.

To many industry analysts, this move has been a complete surprise. Dr. Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler, has stated over and over that he sees an even stronger alliance with Tesla in the future. Even as the company announced the sale of Tesla stock, it added that collaboration on projects like the B-Class Electric Drive will continue. The way Daimler is talking right now, one might even be given to understand that the relationship between the two organizations is about to mature into something more. But is it?

With the recent shocking shift, there are a number of questions. Right now, there is considerable speculation that the alliance with BMW provides the perfect give and take scenario. BMW gets increased knowledge of electric drivetrains and battery technology, meanwhile Tesla benefits from all that increasingly inexpensive carbon fiber BMW has been developing with a fury. In all honesty, Mercedes-Benz doesn’t have the same kind of assets to offer Tesla.

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