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Callaway Announces New Z/28 Package

(Credit: © Callaway Cars)

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Callaway Announces New Z/28 Package

Callaway, which has made a name for itself by making performance Chevrolet vehicles insanely fast, has announced a new kit for the upcoming 2014 Chevy Camaro Z/28. The company adds to the car’s performance by increasing engine output to 652 horsepower and 620 lb.-ft. of torque. Chevrolet has already announced that the new Z/28 has set a number of track records, beating out even the Camaro ZL1, meaning Callaway is ratcheting up the performance even further.

Callaway Camaro Z28 SC652

Callaway Camaro Z28 SC652 (Credit: © Callaway Cars)

According to the tuner, it leveraged technology its engineers developed for the C6 Callaway Corvette SC652, which is powered by the LS7 small block V8 engine. Since the new Camaro Z/28 is also powered by the LS7, the technology fairly easily translates over. Callaway announced that it is calling the new vehicle the Callaway Camaro SC652.

A number of upgrades are included in the new Callaway Camaro. The most impressive is the Eaton TVS supercharger, which combines with a high-flow exhaust and air intake. Each car also comes with a special plaque mounted underneath the hood, which details out the vehicle information. Chevrolet already includes spool-valve dampers that come straight from the racing world, Brembo brakes, and a new aero package that was developed using an air tunnel.

If you are interested in owning the Callaway Camaro SC652, you better be writing a check to Callaway right away. The shop says only ten units will be produced, making the car incredibly lustworthy.

Callaway offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty that supplements the GM factory warranty, which is far better than other aftermarket manufacturers.

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