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BMW Working With Lexus Or McLaren On A Supercar

(Credit: Lexus)

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BMW Working With Lexus Or McLaren On A Supercar

Lexus LF-LC concept

Lexus LF-LC concept (Credit: Lexus)

There are a lot of rumors flying around about BMW working on a genuine supercar, something the brand has been missing. While it looks like such a vehicle will definitely be coming in the near future, the part that’s not clear is who’s working with BMW on the whole project. Some reports claim that it’s McLaren and others say Lexus.

Both potential partners have experience building supercars. Obviously McLaren has a tremendous reputation for creating some pretty impressive machines, but don’t forget that the Lexus LFA was a genuine monster.

BMW and McLaren’s ties from the past aren’t too strong. Back in the early 1990’s the Germans provided a 6.1-liter V-12 engine for the McLaren F1. Since then, the relationship has grown pretty cold, but that could be in the process of reversing in a big way. Supposedly, BMW will release a supercar that shares the same underpinnings as the next-gen McLaren 650S. Such a possibility is exciting, but remember that as of right now it’s only a rumor.

Connections with Lexus are much stronger at the moment. After all, Toyota and BMW have been working closely on a number of projects, including developing at least one but possibly up to three new sports cars. This collaboration, dubbed the “Silk Road” project, could result in the next-gen Z4 roadster and Supra. According to a set of reports, the two automakers have decided to grow this relationship and start creating a mid-engine supercar, which would lead to a new vehicle for BMW and provide Lexus with a successor to the LFA.

Word is that BMW is really interested in adding a supercar to its war chest, mostly because of pesky Audi. Even though the fellow German automaker is now embroiled in a huge diesel emissions scandal, BMW is concerned with rhetoric about how the company has no answer to the R8. It’s possible that the company is weighing the benefits of working with Lexus or McLaren to remedy the situation before making a final decision.

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