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Be Prepared for the Lamborghini Urus to Stick Around

(Credit: © Lamborghini)

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Be Prepared for the Lamborghini Urus to Stick Around

If you hate Lamborghini’s new SUV and everything it stands for, you just might be in the minority. Not only is the Urus a sales success, it’s blowing away the automaker’s lofty expectations, per a recent report from CNBC.

CEO Stefano Domenicali specifically said in the interview that Urus sales are “fantastic.” This is sounding a lot like how the Cayenne performed when Porsche first released it. By the end of the year, Lamborghini expects to make about 1,000 Urus SUVs, which should be about 20 percent of all vehicles produced for 2018. Next year, Domenicali thinks over 4,000 will be made in 2019, meaning over half of all Lamborghini sales will be SUVs.

Why are people flocking to this thing? It’s about practicality more than anything. I know, who buys a Lambo to be practical? Apparently, a lot of people. You can fit more than two people in it, and actually load items like suitcases in the rear. Revolutionary, I know.

Domenicali said sales in Russia have skyrocketed. The roads there are generally in bad shape, so the Urus is the only Lambo that can handle them.

Don’t worry, though. Domenicali says Lamborghini won’t turn up Urus production after 2019. The company has an image to defend, after all.

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