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Apparently The Alfa Romeo Return To America Is A Success

(Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles )

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Apparently The Alfa Romeo Return To America Is A Success

Alfa Romeo, an Italian car brand you may have heard of once or twice before, has come back to the United States after a long hiatus. While you may have seen news about a test Giulia breaking down on a track, or other such oddities, Bloomberg wants Americans to know the Italians have come roaring back to the States.

Apparently, the second coming of Alfa Romeo is a success, at least to a degree. As Bloomberg points out, the brand sold over 1,000 vehicles in August, marking the third consecutive month it’s surpassed that target.

Let’s all stop and contemplate what this means.

First, you’re right to laugh about 1,000 sales in a month being a big deal. But for Alfa Romeo it is, and we’re celebrating it.

Second, now’s a good time to become an Alfa Romeo mechanic, because business will be booming. I mean, just one Giulia will help a technician outfit five kids with braces, and send them all to Princeton, in theory.

Honestly, the Stelvio could be a huge hit, easily tripling Alfa Romeo’s sales, or maybe more. Consumers love SUVs, especially ones made for road performance and not rolling over rocks.

There’s little talk about Alfa Romeo’s aggressive product line expansion plans. If it does move forward, the schedule has been thrown way off. Maybe it’s all that talk of Chinese hookups that has Fiat Chrysler Automobiles thrown into uncertainty? We’ll see.

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