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A Flood of Electric Pickup Trucks is Coming

(Credit: Ford )

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A Flood of Electric Pickup Trucks is Coming

While there’s a wave of praise and criticism for the Tesla Cybertruck, people are largely ignoring the fact that a different flood is coming. There will be at least seven competitors on the market by 2021, meaning the driving wedge Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed off is going to have more competition than any other Tesla.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Pickup trucks are king in the North American market, especially since they all but crowded luxury sedans out with ever more opulent offerings. Everyone is seeing opportunity in releasing an electric pickup truck, so shoppers will have a lot of choices.

No doubt you heard about Ford’s stunt of having a prototype F-150 Electric tow a train full of F-150s. While the science behind it shows the demonstration was more spin than substance, it got people talking about the upcoming truck’s release. GM is also coming to market with electric pickups.

Then there are the new kids on the block, brands most Americans know little to nothing about. Rivian has received the most press out of them all. Its R1T is supposed to start rolling off a production line in Illinois in about a year.

Lordstown Motors made headlines when it “rescued” its namesake GM production facility. Its first EV pickup should come out in two years. Karma has teased its own truck. Meanwhile, Workhorse has run into some financial snags, but might have the W-15 on the market next year.

Don’t forget Bollinger’s Hummer-inspired B2 is set to debut in about a year as well. It will have front and rear beds, so get excited about dual gates for more carrying capacity.

Considering the Tesla Cybertruck has polarizing styling, it could easily become a niche offering in the exploding electric pickup truck market.

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