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A Corvette Brand Might Become Reality

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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A Corvette Brand Might Become Reality

The Corvette name might be applied to more than the new C8 mid-engine sports car. First, Bob Lutz ripped into GM for not doing it, and now it’s rumored the automaker is making movements in that direction.

A Corvette line would prioritize performance, but with a premium flair. Think BMW’s M lineup, or better yet pretty much everything Porsche.

If true, we’ll possibly see a Corvette sedan and SUV. Yes, this is a nightmare for purists, but as they say, nothing stays the same. General Motors needs to adapt to changing tastes and market conditions, instead of trying to do business as usual.

Apparently also under consideration is a Cadillac sports car that would be based off the C8 Corvette. That’s the new mid-engine model, which would inject quite a bit of flair into the beleaguered luxury brand.

Naturally, nobody inside GM will confirm these rumors. Automakers will sometimes even anonymously “leak” ideas they’re kicking around to see how the public reacts to them, which could be the case here. If the response overall is positive enough, GM could move forward with part or all of this plan. Or this could all be wishful thinking and GM isn’t looking to shake things up, which could be a regrettable decision later.

Source: Autoweek

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