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The Future of the Corvette Could Be a Crossover

(Credit: Chevrolet )

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The Future of the Corvette Could Be a Crossover

Bob Lutz, the retired GM executive who’s known for being vocal and not mincing words, believes he knows how the Chevy Corvette can become prosperous again. He believes the Corvette name should be applied to an elite, high-performance crossover similar to the Porsche Cayenne.

There’s no denying the financial uplift the Cayenne provided for Porsche in a time of need. Exotic automakers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin are following suit. Why should the Corvette brand be any different?

GM is notorious for trying the same thing over and over, expecting the results to change for some unknown reason. This proposal by Lutz is pretty out there and unfortunately the powers that be inside GM likely won’t want to even entertain the idea.

A Corvette SUV would provide drop-dead sporty looks, performance to blow the doors off the competition, and a top-notch interior. Lutz thinks it should be produced at medium volumes and sold for about $100,000.

While it’s great GM is coming out with a mid-engine Corvette, something it’s flirted with for decades, that alone won’t be enough to cement its future. Lutz thinks offering a ‘Vette crossover will bring young blood to the nameplate, something that’s been a problem. He even likened the Corvette to Harley-Davidson, which has been slipping into irrelevance as its consumer base ages out.

Considering Chevrolet dealerships have been dealing with a huge backlog of C7 Corvettes on their lots, with steep discounts offered, Lutz makes a lot of sense. Will GM listen and will it act?

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